Let's pick up your forgotten stuff in Holland!(Personal stuff only)

Choose your Country and pick up date - We will arrange the label

    Pick up will be scheduled on the next business day - delivery depends per country (usually takes between 2 and 3 days)

    Size: max 50x40x40cm / Weight: max: 5 kg

Please mention your room number and departure date in the comment box. We will contact the Hotel/Holiday Park for you! When you place your order, you confirm that the collected items are personal stuff. Local customs might check the package. Plukkup is not responsible for any duties charges by local authorities.

Are you looking to ship your personal stuff to another destination country, or do you have another question? Please contact us!

1. Pack

Please advise the hotel or holiday park to pack your stuff in a box for plukkup to pick it up.

2. Order

Select the pick up date, and fill in the adress details. 

3. Done

You can relax! We will contact the reception and arrange a smooth shipment!