Local Dutch Shipments only: Pick your size and book your package


  L*W*D: 50x40x40

  Max weight 5 kg


  L*W*D: 60x50x50

  Max weight 15kg


  L*W*D 90x60x60

  Max weight: 25kg

We ship all kinds of stuff! Therefore you can choose between 3 sizes, whichever suits you best! You pick the right size, and pick up date, we arrange the rest. All tarrifs are including pick up and delivery. Orders before 17:00 can be picked up the very next working day after.

1. Pack

Make sure your stuff to be shipped is packed in a box, or strong enveloppe

Choose your box.

2. Book

Qlick on order now, and select your package size and pick up date and fill in the adresses

3. Done!

Package is ready for Pick up. A driver will pick it up you don't need to print a label.